Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 21, 2010

Are you…James Woods? July 20 or Day 93

We crawled out of bed this morning at around  7 am, tired and sleepy.  We headed down for breakfast, then packed up and headed down to the bikes.  As we loaded our bikes, the doors of the hotel opened and a gentleman came over to us to ask a question about our bikes.  Now, this isn’t unusual, we usually talk to a few people every morning about our trip…but this time…I was completely tongue-tied at first.  Anyone who knows me, knows that to tongue tie me, that is really something!  LOL.

The person who came over to ask me a question was none other than James Woods.  In the flesh.  I was just so darn shocked.  But it turns out that he is a really nice person, and even stayed to chat with Ray and I for a little bit.  He took his picture with me…and I laughed afterwards as I looked like a total Mook.  I had no makeup on and was wearing my Under Armour toque (worn under my helmet to keep the hair out of my eyes).  He was just super nice about the whole thing, and considering it was about 8:30 am, he was just lovely.  What a treat for Ray and I!

(Ray here…I was so surprised to see that a star like James Woods would take the time to talk to us.  I am sure he has lots going on in his own life, and it was that genuine interest in us that caught my attention.  This is a good man.  He even checked out the blog and asked why we had only updated to Flight 93.  I explained the emergency trip to see my aunt and he listened intently, which I didn’t expect.  I was surprised and so very impressed that he offered condolences to me and my family.  I guess everything does happen for a reason and to be honest this man made our day, not by being a star, but by being a kind person.  He’s the type of guy that I would have invited to our place if he was travelling though our area, like many of our friends we’ve met on this trip, but being that he was a star, I thought that might not be appropriate.  Too bad really.)

We got off without incident and headed towards Salem, MA.  That was a challenging ride with a lot of traffic.  BUT!  We got there and got to see the memorial to the people who were killed during the witch trials, the graveyard that held one of the main judges (and various others), and various other bits.  It was so interesting.  I can say that the energy of the place didn’t feel very good to me.  I said to Ray that I didn’t want to stay as there was bad energy there and he agreed.  So after walking around and seeing all that we wanted to see, we continued on.

Traffic continued to be tough and we ran into construction.  I (Rae) got pulled over by a cop who was laughing at me about my riding around the construction pylons … which… by the way, I only did to follow Ray who wasn’t seen by the copper.  He was super nice and let me go after making me promise I’d be good.  LOL.

We ended up in Seabrook, NH for the night and it seems like a nice little town.  Tomorrow…who knows what could happen, but if it’s like today, it’ll rock!




  1. So much to say, yes I know I can jabber a bit 🙂 But simply … glad to hear you are having a great time, still safe, OMG what a romantic! and my thoughts are with you & your family.

    Be safe & enjoy the rest of your ADVENTURE!

  2. SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL. Had to think a bit to remember who James Woods is.

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