Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 20, 2010

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…July 12 or Day 85

We were up around 0800, got our gear ready, and walked over to the parking garage to pick up our bikes.  It cost us $70 per day for them both, so it was almost a $300 touch, just for parking.  Yikes.  Beware that this was a good price in NYC, so think about it if you are taking a bike or car into the city.  We rode the bikes back, parked in front of the hotel and loaded up.  We rode out of NYC, yes you read that right, we rode North on Broadway right out of the city, all the way to Sleepy Hollow!

We rode over the headless horsemen bridge referred to in the book, and walked around the Church and cemetery, both of which date back to the 1600s…very cool and a little creepy!  We stopped at an old bridge across the river and while I was taking pictures I could not help but feel that the fellow that wrote Sleepy Hollow likely walked around this very area, gaining ideas for his book.

We continued to Clinton, CT and after stopping at a Shell station for a quick refreshment we rode the short 10 minutes to Brian’s place.  We had been at the house only minutes and Brian showed up in his hot new Chevy Camaro SS.  Now that is an awesome car!  We chatted, and caught up on our lives, filling each other in on the details as only friends can.  Even though we had not seen each other since May 2006 we picked up like we saw each other yesterday.   Brian’s wife, Dee came home after working late, and we all ended up on the porch chatting before retiring around midnight.  It’s always so great to catch up with great friends!



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