Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 20, 2010

The Big Apple…July 9, 10, 11 or Days 82,83 ,84

The weekend was dawning and we were in NYC…it was to be an excellent time!  I got up late, but Rae was up early to go and see Lady Gaga…who was going to be singing by Radio City Music Hall by NBC Studio on the Today Show.  I awakened and turned on the TV, and sure enough there was Lady Gaga, and the largest crown in the Today Show’s history, well over 20,000 people, and Rae was one of them.  I laughed when the heavens opened and it started raining like crazy…at least I was warm and dry…Rae, not so much.  =)  Rae had found a Tim Hortons on her way and brought me a Timmies coffee, and a breakfast wrap, which started the day on a high note.  It was our first Tim’s coffee in almost 3 months!

During our dinner with Bill and Victor, Bill told us about a full-sized Ferris Wheel that was in the ToysRUs in Times Square.  Rae was beside herself.  So, after our coffee, we were off to find the giant indoor Ferris wheel.  The thing was pretty cool.  It stood about 4 stories high and each car were themed with characters from different cartoons.  We rode the Toy Story 2 car, which was super cool, and totally worth the fee.

Afterwards we started to explore the city, taking pictures of the various land marks, Central Park and buildings.  The temperature was hot, and humid, but not oppressive.  We picked up a java from the Starbucks in Trump Tower and walked around Central Park, walking by the Zoo, the pond, Strawberry Field (John Lennon), and headed back to the hotel.

After a short break we took the Subway to the WTC site and visited Battery Park, WTC  Ground Zero, and the memorial.  We came upon the statue that had been in the square between the towers.  It was originally a globe but had been twisted and ripped by the devastation of that day.  It stands in the park with an everlasting flame as a memorial.

We ended up walking around Wall St, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Hudson (the Statue of Liberty way off in the distance).   A full day for certain!


We got up late, thankfully as I was exhausted.  We ended up walking around Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen where we ate at a place called the Five Napkin Burger.  The burgers took only one napkin in reality, but they were good none the less.  We checked out the Rockefeller Center then back to the hotel.  It was a quiet day, which was good!  Tomorrow will be a busy day…Rae got us tickets to ‘Wicked’ on Broadway.


Rae was up early to grab Timmies coffee and tickets to the ‘Top of the Rock’.   We decided to walk to Pier 83 to take the Circle Cruise to the Statue of Liberty.  We  had a busy day planned…cruise, Broadway play and a trip to the Top of the Rock.

We got down to the Pier area and there was an Aircraft Carrier (the “Intrepid”) which was a floating museum with a number of aircraft on her deck.  On the dock beside the Carrier was a Concord.  Very cool to see.

We got our tickets for the cruise which was set for 1100 hrs.  We walked around a little bit to kill some time and ended up lining up a little early.  It was a good thing too as the line to get on the boat grew continually.  It did not take long for us to board the ship which was surprisingly large.  Once underway they opened the front doors and we moved out to the front deck.  We had an amazing view of the Hudson River and the New York skyline.  I was very happy, and Rae was there to share that with me.  We met a young couple from Texas who were just lovely.  It was so refreshing to have such a wonderful couple chat with.  We both loved the cruise, and the fact that we were seeing New York City and the Statue of Liberty from the water made the cost of the cruise worthwhile.

Once we docked, we headed back to the room to freshen up for our first Broadway play experience.  Apparently this play, ‘Wicked’, is the hottest ticket in NYC.  I had never been to a play before, so this was a first and it was really cool that it was on Broadway in NYC.

We had literally a 2 minute walk to the theater, the Gershwin Theater.  Rae had got us amazing seats, and I was so impressed.  The show started and it was AWESOME!!!  I must say I loved the show, and it went by in what seemed like a heartbeat.  Rae loved it just as much.  I know that this will not be my last play.

Once the show was over we returned to our hotel room to retrieve my Canon SLR, then off to the Top of the Rock!  We walked quickly so we could get some good lighting for the view of the city, and we literally went right in.  Once inside the elevator it took only 47 seconds to rise to the 67th floor!  The view was stunning!  The building was swaying ever so slightly and you could feel it, which felt almost like being on a large cruise ship.  I loved it, as I could take pictures of the NYC skyline, and really I did not want to leave.  I truly enjoyed the moments in the sky and it would have been nice to linger, perhaps another time, on another skyscraper as I still had one thing I wanted to show Rae.

Rae humoured me, as I hailed a cab (unfortunately it wasn’t the Cash Cab).  I took Rae to the spot where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan kiss at the end of “You’ve got mail”.  I had found the location on-line and confirmed it when we happened to catch the show playing, coincidentally, on TV…91 St at Riverside Park.  I was such a moron hailing the cab, yelling like he could actually hear me, and taking pictures of us inside the cab, yep, I was being a dork.  It was hilarious.  It just seemed so cool riding a cab in NYC with the love of my life, very movie like.

We reached the park and stood on the exact spot where the movie characters kissed.  The day was awesome, there was just so much that combined to make it amazing, and the walk back (42 blocks) seemed like it only took a few minutes despite the distance.  I think perhaps it was Rae and I talking, and listening to one another, it was just another amazing moment that has made this adventure so great.



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