Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 20, 2010

It was nice Washington, but we gotta go! July 6 or Day 79

We got up early to get out of Washington before the heat wave got into its full strength.  The ride out of town was challenging with bus drivers being crazy, driving fast, cutting people off and Rae having a close call while passing one.  We rode to Aberdean Proving Ground, which we were really interested in – it is an active base where they test military weapons systems and on the base there is a huge tank museum.  Unfortunately the base was closed to the public so we had to turn around.  A real disappointment.  On the upside, we did get to see an M1 Abrams ripping around, and a C-130 Aircraft dumping some Airborne members out, but all too fast for me to get pictures.

Next on our list was finding a reasonable route to the Flight 93 memorial.  This was no easy task as there was no major highway or interstate from Aberdean to the memorial.  We ended up taking secondary road after secondary road, making horribly slow progress in sweltering heat.  Not much fun and although there were some curves to entertain us, challenging to ride when you are hot and tired.  I should mention too, that added to that fun was the fact that there was construction projects EVERYWHERE!  Yes someone was testing my limits…=\   We ended up in Chambersburg, PA, at an HIE right by the highway.  We didn’t make the Flight 93 memorial, but I knew we would tomorrow, so no big deal.  Chambersburg has not much in the way of interesting things to do, or see, but it was just what we needed…rest.  We ended up watching the Deadliest Catch and then slept…OMG was I pooped out.




  1. Well………it’s a boot time.

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