Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 20, 2010

Being in NY is supposed to be the adventure…not the getting there, right? July 8 or Day 81

We got up early and literally were on the road before 0830 hrs.  Our route was all interstate to New York City, NY.  My route planning made the trip relatively painless, and the heat was actually not too bad as it was mostly overcast.  As we approached NYC we had just an ever so slight bit of rain, making it even nicer as it cooled us off.

As we reached the toll plaza for the Lincoln tunnel and I narrowly missed a huge pothole on the curved access, but poor Rae went right into it…not good. The traffic was crazy – and there were pedestrians running everywhere!  We found our way to our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn on 8th Ave X 49 St.  It was right smack dab in the theatre district, and right around the corner from Times Square.  We stopped in front to check in.  It was fast and furious unloading, and then things came to a complete stop.  The hotel advertises parking, but, when we asked where to park, we were told that there is no motorcycle parking.  To make a really long story short, we spoke to a few people then the front manager who told us first, “It’s a New York thing”, then it was “A New York law”.  Rae actually laughed out loud at that.  We started looking for parking ourselves (leaving our bikes in front of the hotel).  Needless to say it took forever to find parking, and eventually we got a spot 2 blocks away in the lot for the Hampton Inn.  The manager tried to make up for the ridiculousness of the incident by sending us a little care package of chocolate and cookies.  Rae told her to update the website so that this craziness doesn’t happen to someone else.  It was too bad as it was not a very good introduction to New York City.

We eventually got up to our room on the top floor, and it was quite nice.  It was much bigger than I was expecting, for sure.  We showered up and headed out to walk around.  We hit Times Square which was only a block and a half away, and marvelled at all the signs and the throngs of people that were everywhere!  There was a particular sign which was a giant projection of the people actually standing on Times Square…of course I have a picture of us in the picture…cool.  We  ate at the Hard Rock Cafe NYC, and had an average meal with poor service.  Disappointing, but at least we got to see Gene Simmons guitar, Ringo Starr’s drums, the entire Beetles clothing for a New York concert, among other things.

Once we got out, we continued to walk and soon found ourself at the Empire State Building.  We continued and marveled at the NYC library, the Trump Building where the Apprentice is filmed, and even walked along the edge of Central Park.  We needed to get back to the hotel to get ready for our visit with our friends (Bill and Victor) at ‘Etcetera, Etcetera’.  It was an awesome night of conversation about motorcycles, Cape Code, and NYC.  The host/owner, Danielle, was amazing.  Even the waiter was excellent!  It was a wonderful night.  We walked home – about two blocks – full, happy and ready to sleep.  A great end to a shaky start in the big city.



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