Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 8, 2010

Love, Peace and Crabs in Norfolk, VA … July 2 or Day 75

The day dawned spider free and we were on our bikes early.  We were eager to get to Norfolk to see the Nauticus (an “interactive science and technology center that explores the naval, economic, and nautical power of the sea”) and the battleship it houses (The Wisconsin).  The ride was all highway, and relatively uneventful with us getting to the hotel around noon.  The desk clerk was a wonderful lady who found us a room, and got us all set up for the day.

As soon as we were settled we set out to see Norfolk.  I must say that this is the cleanest town I have ever been in.  It was really nice to see!  Rae and I walked down to the pier and then followed it to the museum.  The Nauticus was really a fun place to visit.  Rae got to pet a shark, I saw a huge Horseshoe Crab (I think Rae and I may both have nightmares…it’s rather alien…or from the movie Alien…or something to that effect), saw lots of exhibits dealing with the Navy and best of all, we got to board and explore (although in a limited fashion) the battleship USS Wisconsin.  The size of that ship is deceptive.  You don’t realize how huge, and how heavy it is until you go aboard – the pictures don’t do it justice.

After our tour of the Nauticus, we found that our minds were full but our tummies were empty.  We had passed a place on our way to the Nauticus that we thought looked cool, so we headed back.  On the way, as we looked into the waters, we saw a bunch of white jellyfish.  I had to take a picture (it’s what I do!) so I  thought the best way to do it was to get closer and there just happened to be a small floating dock that was about 5 feet down from the pier.  There was a little ladder leading to the dock, but I only took the first couple of rungs then I hopped down.  That little floating dock almost flipped – Rae screeched, but I hung on to stay dry and get the shot.  Rae was laughing like an idiot as she was picturing me falling in then she having to come to my rescue with all the jelly stings.  Now, if you don’t know what she’d have to do, to administer first aid to jelly stings…well…look it up, because I’m not telling you.

We continued on and quickly came to Joe’s Crab Shack.  If you haven’t been to Joe’s Crab Shack, you need to go.  It’s fun, quirky and the food is really good.  We knew it was going to be cool when the song ‘Car Wash’ came on and all the wait staff broke into dance.  LOL.  We sat on the deck and got crabs…I mean, got the ‘Crab in a Bucket’ which came with 3 types of crab, potatoes and a cob of corn.  It was excellent.  Not as excellent as what we had at our journey’s start with our friends Rhone and Shelia (just can’t beat that fresh cook!) but darn good all the same.  I should also say that we had a beautiful view from our table of Chesapeake Bay and a great conversation – it made for a wonderful afternoon.

We eventually made it back to the room.  It was a great day and tomorrow we are off to Washington!



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