Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 7, 2010

You know you are addicted to Farmville when…July 1 or Day 74

First – before you read on, know that contrary to popular belief, Ray did not get arrested…no…that’s not the reason we’ve not updated our blog in over a week!  LOL.  Although that would have made an EXCELLENT story!  The truth of the matter is, is that we didn’t have access to the internet – so no updating could take place.  However!  That has changed and we are back on track!  Read on to find out what’s happened over the last while.  It’s been quite a time!



We got up, had a quick breakfast and headed towards…wait for it…Farmville.  Rae was very excited to visit the place of her Facebook game addiction.  The morning started off horribly (enough said) and didn’t get much better as we rode.  It seemed to be the day when all the bad drivers decided to try to kill me – no turn signals, turning left in front of me, you name it.  We we pulled into the Martinsville, NC to fuel then eat at the adjourning Subway.  I had told Rae that I was pretty fed up with people and just as I finish fueling, an elderly gentleman and his middle-aged son came up and started asking about my BMW.  I have to admit, I wasn’t as nice as I could have been.  I wanted to get to Subway.  To my pleasant surprise they were also going to Subway and we ended up in line together.  We started to really chat then and the son, Steve Simms, turned out to be a true motorcycle enthusiast – as was his father.  They were two of the nicest people we’ve met on this journey.  Steve told us the story of his old Indian MC which he was just finishing restoring.  He and his dad had worked on the thing for the last 2 years or so, doing approximately 3 nights a week…and he had one part left to put on to be finished.  Steve had the pictures to prove his work and it was nothing short of amazing.  The bike went from a ball of rust to a thing of beauty.  Those guys really made our day.  After they left, I ended up chatting with a young fellow who was just really interested in our journey … and I think I may have convinced him to get a bike someday.  By the time Rae and I were ready to leave, my whole outlook on people had been adjusted, as was my mood.  Funny how a little kindness from strangers can affect a person!

From Martinsville to Farmville, the riding was OK, not much scenery, mostly just heat and pavement, with the odd corner thrown in for good measure.  We reached Farmville, found a place to stay and set off to explore.  The town isn’t as exciting as the game according to Rae.

Back in the room, I found a huge freaking spider right beside my bed!  I took a picture then used Rae’s shoe to kill it.  I gave it a huge first shot but it fought back!  It was ready to do battle!  I did come out on top in the end, but I did not sleep well.  Thought it might be part of a spider posse and that his eight legged buddies might come looking for their missing buddy.  LOL.  I am happy to report there were no further insect incidents that night, but were both ready to leave the next morning!




  1. Was the spider tougher to fight off that the racoon? LOL!

    • Ray says that the spider put more of a fight…but didn’t survive…the raccoon took the high road and he did…that raccoon knew that he was no match for Ray!

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