Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 28, 2010

The jazzy Atlanta, GA .. June 25/26 or Days 68/69

Friday morning reared its ugly head and neither Rae nor I were feeling 100%.  That’s never a good thing when you have to ride in hot weather with full gear!  But, being the dedicated hobos that we are, we packed up and headed out to the bikes.  As we were pushing the luggage cart through the hall, a couple of fire fighters stopped to confirm that we were going to load all of the gear (it is impressive) onto the bikes.  It’s so funny – we get that question a lot.  I’m proud to say that I am a packing guru (that’s what Rae calls me)!  Anyway, we chatted for a bit and then got to work loading the bikes…in 35 degree Celsius heat.  The two fire fighter guys came out to make see what our bikes looked like packed, and they were properly amazed at our work.  LOL.  I think we may have even convinced one to travel by motorcycle on his next trip…I mean why wouldn’t someone travel this way?  It’s excellent!

We were happy to get on the road, and headed straight up I-75 to Atlanta via my own planned route.  Although my way took us slightly out of the shortest path, it was faster, and we did not end up in stop and go traffic for 17 miles.  A brilliant move on my part!  We found the Marriott in the prestigious Buckhead area and checked in.  The good part is the hotel is part of a great big mall, close to the Jazz club we wanted to check out but the bad part was we needed to do laundry and there were no guest laundry services.  Lucky for Rae (hee hee) this Marriott had a sister property across the street, about a block away that had a guest laundry that we could access.

We had a quick shower, headed to the mall, ate some Subway, and started people watching…whew!  It was excellent!  It was sort of like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with all these exotic and strange creatures walking by.  Rae almost fell over when this kid (maybe 20?) strolled by with his pants down below his bum, and his underwear pushed into the crack of his ass.  Let me just say it was all very entertaining.

We ended up staying in the room for the evening as Rae had a really bad headache.  Maybe a combination of the heat and not sleeping well?  It was disappointing, but what are you going to do if you’re sick?  She needed to sleep.  I was hoping for a great big thunderstorm…we had a stunning view of downtown Atlanta (about 6 miles away) and it would have been neat to see some lightening!  What I can tell you is this city has LOTS and LOTS of trees…very pretty.

Tomorrow is laundry day.  Hopefully Rae is feeling better and we can head out to see some of Atlanta’s night life!


Saturday dawned bright…too bright for me, I still had my headache.  Man, that sucked.  I slept horribly because of it, but, we only had one more day in Atlanta and no headache was going to stop me from seeing it!  I took 4 Tylenol Migraine (I wasn’t going to mess around) and decided to make a day of it, for both of us!

The first thing was laundry, so I left Ray at our hotel and headed off to the other Marriott to get it done.  Laundry is a funny thing.  I always sit with mine, so it doesn’t go missing, and because of that I always meet interesting people.  Today I met a funny concierge (who harassed me for not staying at his Marriott), a crazy guy who looked like he fell off Relic’s boat (that’s a Beach Comber show reference for all you old Canucks) and told me where to get a good bowl of clam chowder, a fabulous looking guy doing his laundry (him Mom taught him well) and various hotel employees who kept coming in and out.  It’s great fun!  Eventually our laundry was done and I headed back to our hotel to find Ray staking out the lobby.

We put our clothes away and headed out to find out what Atlanta had to offer…I need to say that I had hung out at our Concierge’s desk in the morning to find out about the laundry facilities and met this great guest who was looking for a place to go out.  I tell you this because I loved both the guest and the concierge AND I found out about this new restaurant that had opened named…wait for it…SASKATOON!   LOL.  It’s true!  So Ray and I set out to find it.

We walked a good mile or mile and a half, and we did indeed find it!  We walked in and it was dark, so Ray called out asking if the place was open.  From the back we got a male voice telling us indeed they were open, but the kitchen was still prepping.  We sat down at the bar, had an ice-cold beer (Rae) and Diet Pepsi (Ray) while chatting to the Asst Gen Manager named Kate.  What a great gal!  We chatted for the longest time and ended up having an appetizer of Ostrich, Venison and Buffalo.  It was unique and very tasty!  Finally it was time to go, as we still wanted to check out the jazz place we had heard about.

We walked to ‘Sambuca Jazz Cafe’ and headed in.  We sat at the bar and met our waiter, Ryan.  That dude was excellent!  Man did he have stories and he was just about the nicest guy we had met in Atlanta.  We were obviously under dressed, but he made us feel right at home as if we had on the finest clothes.  Gotta love that kind of service and kindness!  We had a couple of drinks, some supper and listened to the live band for a bit.  There is a dance floor there as well, but we didn’t try it out…maybe next time?

Eventually we made it back to our room, tired from the day but happy we had seen at least a few things.  Tomorrow it’s off towards Hiawassee, GA on the way to the Dragon.  I won’t lie, I’m a bit freaked out…



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