Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 28, 2010

Macon, GA – the town who’s name rhymes with breakfast meat…June 24 or Day 67

We were up by 0800, had breakfast and rode north towards Atlanta.  We eventually  decided on Macon as our destination, as it seemed like a good spot to stop based on time in saddle and the heat of the day.  It was a non-eventful ride with trees lining the road on both sides, for pretty much the entire way.  At least there were some elevation changes, and corners thrown in to keep us awake.

We arrived in Macon and found an older HIE (Holiday Inn Express – our favorite) in the NW quadrant of the city.  The clerk was amazing – as we’ve come to expect with this chain.  She was fun, helpful and seemed genuinely interested in our adventure and bikes.  She was cool.

While I was checking us in, Rae was unloading the bikes (as has become our routine).  As she was, this group of 4 kids (teens and younger) stopped by to chat with her.  They had just come from Canada (visiting Montreal) and were on their way home to Florida when their car’s transmission died.  They were really nice kids and Rae had a good time chatting with them.  I hope they got their car back and got home without too much more trouble!

After a dip in the pool and some supper, we retired to the room.  From the Weather Channel, we knew tomorrow was going to be hot…so an early start was in order.



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