Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 28, 2010

I wanna see Hiawassee, GA … June 27 or Day 70

Today was a hard start.  Oh my.  Both Ray and I were not feeling well and it really makes the starts of the days brutal!  But, we have places to go, roads to ride and all of that hobo type stuff to do.  So!  We packed up and as we got downstairs, we garnered a bit of attention from people who were interested in our travel.  I must say that I really enjoy those conversations.  The people who we are meeting have interesting stories of their own, and I do enjoy hearing them.  Sometimes it makes our leave time a bit later than we want, but it’s all worth it.

The bell staff at the Marriott where we were staying, were just lovely.  We had a great time chatting with them and they were really accommodating, making sure we had good places to park our bikes so we could pack them without being interrupted or bothered by hotel traffic.  It was really nice.

We finally got all our gear loaded and we were happy to get that air flowing around our hot bods!  Our ride was straight and easy, up to when we stopped for a bite to eat.  Then the roads got much curvier, as we started in towards the mountains.  We started out riding together, with me trying to follow Ray’s lines.  Once Ray saw that I was ok with my lines, he was able to take off to enjoy the curves at a more Ray-like pace.  I was happy to tootle along at my turtle pace…which was still faster than the cars…LOL.  We did see one bike accident along the way.  A yellow sport bike had been picked up out of the trees on the side of a tight turn.  A police car still there, with lights on, but no sign of people.  Maybe the rider was still down in the ditch (or whatever) still?

Now here’s the funny thing.  I’m riding and thinking, “Whoo hoo!  Look at me, I’m doing the Dragon, it’s not so bad”.  Then I catch up to Ray who informs me that we haven’t come to the Dragon yet, we aren’t even close.  DUH.  So much for that!  LOL. What a dolt I can be.  LOL.

We got to Hiawassee, GA, safe and sound.  We found a place to stay at the local HIE and unloaded then went for our usual walk about.  Tomorrow we are off to Fontana Village where I will indeed ride the Dragon…this time for real!  I’m looking forward to saying that I did it and that I kept my wheels the right side down.  Wish me luck!  =o)




  1. Hi Guys,

    Glad to read that your having a some fun and seeing the sights. Your timing is excellent as this has been a wet and crappy summer so far in Calgary. Nothing changes at work but your friends still miss you. Anyway keep living the life and enjoy the road.

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