Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 21, 2010

One small step for man..or a small ride for us to Cape Canaveral…June 20 or Day 63

We were able to sleep in a bit today, due to the fact that we were going to have a short ride.  We were headed only about 1.5-2 hours down the road to Cocoa Beach, FL.  We had decided to stay in Cocoa Beach for two nights so we could head to the Kennedy Space Center and experience it fully.

The ride was non-eventful, and I can say that we are getting used to the crazy Florida drivers.  We have always ridden like people are trying to kill us, but now we are hyper-vigilant about it!  LOL.  No, seriously!

We got to the Cocoa Beach area and took our time riding down A1A so we could really enjoy the water and check out the various businesses.  We got to our hotel, got checked in and set off to see what was around.  We like to walk and investigate our surroundings.  The only downside was the heat, but I think we are starting to get acclimated to it a bit.  Nah, we aren’t…but we have learned how to deal with it!

As we walked, looking for a place to eat, we happened across the “World Famous Ron Jon Surf Shop”.  I don’t know why it’s world famous (since I don’t surf) but it was packed!  I guess they just opened a multi-million dollar resort here and they decided that Father’s Day was the perfect day to open.  I don’t know if it was a good idea or not, but the place was jammed.  We looked around, and they did have some super cool stuff…but we were hungry and not really in the mood to shop.

We continued on and grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed back.  The afternoon was fantastic…spent knee deep in the ocean.  We had a lotta laughs getting pushed around by the waves, watching the birds and hunting for shells.  There was this one really cool bird that was black with a colorful, large beak.  He’d fly just above the water dragging his bottom beak through the water while zig-zagging back and forth.  It was just so cool to watch!

We ended our day by a swim in the pool.  Tomorrow we are getting up early to head to the KSC…it’ll be great!



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