Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 20, 2010

And the Heaven’s opened! June 19 or Day 62

Today started out in a fabulous way.  We got up a bit later, had a nice breakfast and thought we would begin to pack our bikes.  But, the rain began to fall and it really came down, so we took our time.  Finally the rain let up and we began to pack up.  As we loaded our bikes, we had opportunity to chat with a number of people who were most interested in our travels today.  One of the last people we chatted with was a gal who worked at the Marriott.  She was just a lovely gal, and I am sorry I didn’t get her name.  She really got why we are taking this journey.

Otherwise, we got off without a hitch…but…that rain was a foreshadow of what our day was to hold.  We rode over to I-95 on our way to Cape Canaveral.  Well…let me tell you that the drivers here in Florida are nuts.  No really.  Nuts.  We were doing an average of 75 mph and they were passing us like we were standing still.  And, the lane changes – wow!  One chick almost hit Ray as she just drifted into our lane in front of me.  To her credit, she did signal…just didn’t look!  Once she realized that Ray was there she pulled back into her lane, but it was pretty scary for me to watch!  We did laugh as a a short time later there was a sign posted about ‘Please drive in your own lane’.  I thought it was funny that they actually had to post a sign reminding people that driving in their own lane was a good idea.  LOL.

As we continued towards Cape Canaveral, we rode through rain off and on. The rain wasn’t that bad and we seemed to be skirting the worst of it…or so we thought.  As we neared Fort Pierce we noticed a wall of gray with fierce thunder and lightening…and as we rode closer…we got caught in the heaviest rain ever!  We pulled off I-95 and under an overpass for cover, although we were already soaked.  It was unbelievable!  The thunder was booming!  As we sat under the pass, out of the rain, we watched this Semi Truck cut off an ambulance with lights and sirens going.  Then to show what an awesome driver he was, he raced the ambulance down the road, going right by us.  It was bizarre.

The rain and lightening continued.  We looked North to see if our path would be any dryer than where we currently were, but to no avail.  It was very dark with rain, so we decided to call it a day and stay in Fort Pierce…that’s the beauty of having no set schedule, isn’t it?  We found a bed for the night and ended up relaxing and planning for our next leg…which will be on to Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Centre.  Should be pretty cool, I think.



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