Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 16, 2010

Where, I say, where is the thermostat?? June 15 or Day 58

What can I say about today?  We rode from Crystal River to Key Largo (662 km) and all I can tell you is that is was hot.  It was long and hot, and straight and hot, and fraught with toll roads and hot.  WHEW!  Did I mention it was hot?  The average temperature was 36-37 degrees plus humidity.

On the upside, we did ride though the Everglades and that was were pretty cool to see.

When we finally got to Key Largo and found our hotel, booked in, unpacked, made a quick trip to fuel our bikes, then into the pool.  This place has a family pool and a 18+ pool (loving that).  The “adult only” pool was empty, so it was so nice to just hang out as the sun started to go down.  That’s when we saw it…this iguana that was hanging out above pool’s waterfall.  He sat and watched us for a while then crawled down the wall (must be related to Spiderman)  and into a crevice that we assume is his home.  Really, it was pretty cool.

Tomorrow, we are off to see what makes the Everglades up, its secrets and what types of creatures live there.




  1. Long ways away from home aren’t ya???

    Following ya…just not posting very often. Maybe just jealous I guess!!

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