Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 13, 2010

Moss Point…June 11 or Day 54

It was a sad morning on the day we were to leave New Orleans, but we were ready to get onto new sights too.  We got up really early to beat the heat but there wasn’t much chance of it as the heat wave that’s rocking the Southern states is still in full swing.  By the time we got downstairs it was already in the low 30s.

We headed east towards Florida, ending our day at Moss Point, Mississippi around noon.  Sounds like a short day, but the heat and humidity just take its toll on you.  Both of us were too hot to continue and spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, playing around, and I fixed some issues with Rae’s bike (chain oiler, comms port, and frame paint).  While doing so I met a 64-year-old fellow named Ike, and that guy knew motorcycles, and everything associated to motorcycles!  We chatted for well over an hour and I learned that he has a performance Harley Fat Boy…and I believe it.  I am sure hoping to stay in contact with him as he was just so interesting.

I fuelled both bikes and brought Rae some chow, due to a huge blister she had on her foot.  Nasty thing is right on the ball of her left foot…ouch.  It was a great day and night, with us enjoying a relatively relaxing day!



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