Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 13, 2010

A quick stop-over in Lafayette, LA…June 7 or Day 50

I did not sleep well at all, was up early but stayed still so I would not wake up Rae.  Being sick on the road really does suck.  Once Rae was up, we ate, and began our now daily routine of packing up the bikes.  We were ready to leave Texas and we were both excited to get on to New Orleans.

Now you know that Texans love their guns, right?  Well, I noticed a huge 9 foot revolver, mounted in front of a closed shop, across the street from us and had to get a picture.  An appropriate photo for our last day in Texas!  LOL.

I had a reasonable route planned and the ride was not too scenic with lots of straight stretches and marshes.  The thunderclouds were building and literally we were surrounded by lightning storms, but missed the rain!  Or…that lasted right up until we got caught in heavy traffic entering Lafayette, LA.  The skies opened up and we got soaked.  When I say soaked, I mean to the bone!

I got frustrated and ended up using the center turn lane to jump traffic and try to get to the Holiday Inn that was a bit further up,  I was waaaay too overzealous and lost Rae.  She missed the turn and ended up getting wetter, and madder.  Whoever made up that saying about ‘mad as a wet hen’ hasn’t seen Rae when she’s revved.  Yikes.  She was soaked, and dripping, and just one look at her and I knew it was all bad!  To make it even more fun, the Holiday Inn had no rooms!  Aurgh!  Thankfully, the rain had almost stopped so we went off in search of someplace else to stay and ended up at an older Hilton.

We unloaded, ate and then went in search of the local CycleGear shop about a mile away.  We ended up walking and I seemed to get more ill the further we went.  We reached the shop without a problem and found mesh pants for Rae and me, plus a mesh jacket for me…we need those things as the heat wave that has hit the lower states is brutal!

The guys chatted with Rae while we waited for a cab, yes a stinky cab, because it was just too hot to walk!  We jumped in the cab, driven by a hippie or Grateful Dead fan – not sure which, who had his music and cab radio blaring the whole ride.  I had such a head ache and that just didn’t help.

I was feeling pretty bad at this point, so I took some meds and tried to sleep.  Rae set out to find some pop and snacks.  I was pretty much out when she got back which meant out night was basically done.  I’m sad that our memory of Lafayette was not better, as there is some really good food to be had there (from what we’re told).  The one bright spot is that Rae found us a hotel in New Orleans in the French Quarter at Maison Dupuy Hotel.  NICE!



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