Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 12, 2010

Dallas, TX or bust! June 2/3/4/5 or Days 45/46/47/48

We were up and packing the bikes early to get on the road and try to beat the heat.  We knew it was going to be a long day in the saddle and we wanted to get to it, PLUS, we were going to lose an hour due to the time zone change.  Our main goal was to get to Dallas, and our friend’s Cindy and Paul’s, before rush hour.

The ride was long and hot, ending up to be 5+ hours in the searing heat.  I think what made it difficult was the high humidity.  That humidity really makes it tough, and with temperatures at 34+ degrees…whew!

We got to Dallas around 4 pm (local time) or so, and promptly got caught in traffic.  The downside was that Ray is a much more aggressive rider than I am, and he cut into the faster traffic and I couldn’t get in.  I have a high value on my life and I was pretty sure the car drivers didn’t.  Ray and I got complete separated, which really sucked as the traffic was just so heavy.  Thank goodness I had programmed Cindy’s address into my Garmin in the morning before leaving Hobbs, since if I hadn’t I would have been complete lost.  Suffice it to say that after a wrong turn that took me right off the freeways I found Ray who was waiting for me in a strategic location.  Darn traffic!  We did finally arrive safe and sound at Cindy’s house, and it was such a cool thing to see Cindy after an 8 year gap.  It was the first time we met Cindy and Paul’s kids too!  We got settled in and had a good chat after we showered.

The next day, I hung out with Cindy while Ray set out to find the BMW dealership.  I think he really just likes riding my bike around.  LOL.  Unfortunately his ride wasn’t one of pleasure this day.  After he left the BMW shop he was riding back when he noticed a green Audi following him.  At one point the car pulled up beside him and he saw that there were 4 guys inside.  As he continued to ride, he thought that he would test his theory that he was being followed and took a number of turns and twists.  The car stuck with him, weaving in and out of traffic wildly to keep up.  Then Ray thought up a final test.  He decided to pull up to a red light, then run it.  He did and the car quickly followed!  Ray knew he was in trouble with how aggressive the car was getting and he didn’t know exactly where he was.  The darn Garmin had taken him into a not very nice part of town and now he was trying to get out and home.  Ray really turned it on and rode hard to lose those guys.  He ended up doing it, and when he knew he was in the clear he flew back home.  When he walked in, I knew something bad had happened as it was plainly written across his face.  Thankfully he did get home safely, but it scares us both to think what those punks were really up to and what their goal was.

That afternoon as Ray worked on the bikes, he had some trouble with a socket – it was just a hair too big to get the spark plugs out.  So we had to head to the mall to pick up a smaller/thinner one.  While we were were out that afternoon, we stopped at a ‘Toys R Us’ and picked up a toy motorcycle (that a child could ride on) for Cindy and Paul’s kids.  C&P’s son really thought that our motorcycles were cool (their daughter is too little to really care yet).  It was so funny to see how excited the kids got over that thing.  LOL. SO cute.  C&P’s son even found a helmet to wear when he rode his motorcycle since he saw that was how Ray rode…safety first!

The next morning I woke up and when I walked out to a still very excited little boy who promptly told me he ‘loved his motorcycle’.  LOL.  Kids are so awesome.  Once Ray was up, Cindy lent us her SUV so we could do a bit of sight seeing.  We headed out to see Dealy Plaza, the place that JFK was shot.  Man that was interesting!  As we walked the area, we examined the ‘grassy knoll’, viewed the notorious 6th floor window where Lee Harvey Oswald took his shot from, and the exact place where the fatal shot was received (there is an actual ‘x’ on the road!).  It was really interesting.  But my most favorite part was … listening to this conspiracy theorist that was speaking on why the official version of the events don’t make sense.  He and his buddy were really something.  The main guy had published a book, DVD and a magazine – we purchased his magazine as it outlined his theory and got him to sign it.  It was cool.

When we got back, Paul was home from his business trip and we had a good reunion!  We had a nice evening of good food, a bit of drink and chatting.

Our final full day in Dallas was a celebration in food.  We got up and the 6 of us went for breakfast at this New York Deli place…yum!  The guy that owns it (that’s my assumption that he owns it) was really a character.  By the look of the autographed pictures on the walls, a number of famous people like that Deli too.  When we got back to the house, Ray changed the bikes air filters and we spent a relaxed afternoon until dinner.  Dinner was amazing!  Paul is an amazing BBQ chef!  I can’t tell you just how good that meal was.  The evening eventually ended as did our time in Dallas.  When the morning hit, we were off to a new destination…just have to keep on moving!



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