Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 7, 2010

Vote for Pedro! May 28 or Day 40

We got up fairly early and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel.  We were already fueled, so we just loaded up the bikes and were off.  We were almost to Aztec when we saw something long and brown on the road…I swerved to avoid it and realized it was a rattlesnake! Be it a flat rattlesnake.

As we continued on, the scenery became a little less spectacular in New Mexico, although it was nice around the Jemez Mountains.  It was easily 36 degrees when we reached Albuquerque and the traffic was crazy.  It was a Friday on the Memorial Day long weekend, so it was expected.

We found a reasonably priced hotel but it was not close to any amenities.  It was near the BMW dealer though, and it was clean so we booked in.  I headed over to the dealership while Rae got settled into the room.  Unfortunately the BMW dealership was not the friendly place that I had enjoyed in San Francisco.  I gave up on them and returned to the hotel to chat with Rae.

We were hungry so set out to find something to eat and ended up at “Whataburger”.  The clerk “Pedro” was really a friendly and funny guy making both both Rae and I laugh – which was good as we were both hot and crabby!

We returned to the hotel room and I tried to fix the computer, which was still not functioning properly due to the attack the previous night.  I got pretty frustrated and went for a long (13km) walk to burn off some frustration.  I walked through the hood in Albuquerque and counted 20+ police cars in the area, and got to see a code 300 stop on an old Ford Thunderbird.  While I was out, I was able to locate “CycleGear” a motorcycle accessories store which would have the right things for an oil change, etc.  We’ve decided to stay in Albuquerque for a couple of days so I can change the oil on the bikes and get some rest.  We are both pretty tired from travelling but we love it!


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