Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 7, 2010

Little Green Men…May 31 or Day 43

We got up at around 0830 ate a great breakfast, loaded the bikes, and headed off to Roswell via Interstate 25.  BORING…the most excitement was a guy on a Can-Am Spyder who decided to ride with us for a bit.  The ride was hot, the scenery boring, the roads straight, straight, straight.

Our XM coverage now has storm updates on the Garmin which was cool, because it warned us about a huge thunderstorm in our path, and sure enough it was there right where they said it would be!  Handy considering all the tornados lately…  We rode through the rain (which stung a little as it came down HARD) happy to be cooled off from the 35 degree heat.

We entered Roswell, sadly seeing no little green men except for the stuffed ones in the windows…but quickly found a place to stay (Fairfield Inn and Suites, Marriott).   We had a quick hot tub, we strolled next door for supper.  We had found this great steak place that was cool (temp), had a great salad bar and served up well priced, well-cooked steaks.  It was a really nice place, and after a great meal we continued on, and walked to downtown Roswell to continue looking for aliens!  There are a lot of tributes to the lil’ green guys, just everywhere, including the light lamp posts!  We took some pictures to remind us that the truth is out there (insert X-Files theme music here)…




  1. LOL! Those street lights are great! Looks like you two are livin it up!

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