Posted by: mckenzie68 | June 7, 2010

A left turn in Albuquerque. May 29/30 or Day 41/42

Rae managed to find a Holiday Inn Express a few miles away, closer to amenities and for a good price too.  She has a way with things like that!!!  We loaded up the bikes for the short drive, and on the way, went to the bike shop which had everything I needed to do an oil change on the bikes, and got to check out some pretty cool gear as well.  I bought Rae a little tire wrist band which is actually a small molded version of the OEM tires her F800GS came with…pretty cool.  We left without the oil and such as there was just no room on the bikes, but I told the shop guys I would be back!  We proceeded to the new HIE and the nice clerk found a room for us even though it was only 10 in the morning!

No long ride, and we got a great room!  I took a quick ride back to “CycleGear”, picked up the oil and when I returned, Rae and I went to guess where???  Wal-Mart of course!  We picked up some munchies, pop, and wine…lots of wine!

Sunday morning was a sleep in day.  We did get up for breakfast, as we wanted to see Tanya, who was the breakfast hostess.  She’s a great lady.  We had actually met her when we pulled in yesterday morning.  We had just pulled up to the door and she had popped outside for her break.  We ended up chatting and honestly, she was one of the most friendly people we have met on this journey!  If you check out for the Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque, you’ll see that she’s mentioned.  She’s a gal who is in the perfect job – and as a visitor to her city, I really appreciated it!

The day before we also packed a box up to send home to Saskatchewan…it was just stuff that we found we weren’t using.  The downside was that it was now Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend and I had started a huge diagnostic check last night that was STILL processing!  In the end it took 20+ hours!  So we watched the Indy 500 and Rae even managed to find a place to mail out box of stuff.  She got the driver of the courtesy vehicle (John) to drive her all over the place and finally found a place that was closed, but that was good enough to open their doors to process the box.  Really, she and John assumed the place was open and just walked in…but it was closed!  LOL.  The guy who worked there just happened to be around doing some extra stuff, but had forgotten to lock the door!  At least the box was on its way to Canada and we are 20 lbs lighter.

By the time Rae got back, the computer had finally finished its check and we headed down to old Albuquerque.  The shuttle driver dropped us off at the visitor’s center and we immediately got a map and started to explore (love that courtesy shuttle!).  There was a 300 year old church there which was so interesting.  It was open to the public and we took the opportunity to check out the interior, respectfully of course.  We walked around but noted that the rest of the area was shop after shop rather than historic stuff…not what we were hoping for.  So we ended up calling the shuttle back after being there for only about an hour and a half.

Once back at the hotel, I changed the oil in both bikes.  It was nice that the hotel was providing shade for me to do the work!  We went for supper and returned to no TV…the dish had go out.  Bummer.  The upside is that we did fix our computer so we celebrated by drinking the remaining 2 bottles of wine we had.  Honestly, the $3 bottles of wine at Wal-Mart might do us in!



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