Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 29, 2010

Hands to the Sky in Monument Valley, UT…May 26 or Day 38

We have gotten into a habit of getting up late and today was no exception.  It was close to 9am and the boys (Joe and Steve) were already up and waiting for us, as we were all going to ride to Monument Valley together.  As we rode to Monument Valley with Joe and Steve, we took in breathtaking scenery along the way.  Periodically we stopped to take some pictures, it was amazing to see these buttes that rise from the ground to great heights!  It brought back moments of my trip with Raymond Jr, and to be honest, I was sad that I did not share this same moment with him.  I so very much wanted to have my son with me right then.

We rode to the Monument Valley Visitors Center which is located to give an outstanding view of the Mitten Buttes (Navajo Hands to the Sky).  We took some pictures and Rae wandered through the Visitor’s Center reading all the signs and checking out the large amount of stuff for sale.  This particular area is really interesting and you should know that John Wayne actually filmed a number of his movies right in the area.  His first movie, Stagecoach, was filmed in 1938 in the shadow of the Navajo Hands to the Sky – and you see them in the original film poster.

Eventually we said our goodbyes to Joe and Steve and headed off to Cortez, Colorado.  We headed out back towards Mexican Hat to take highway 262 to Cortez but the ole Garmin took us on a huge detour, about 60 miles out of our way!  This seems to be the norm with that thing.  I have decided that from this point onward I will map out our route and NOT rely on the Garmin!

We rode to the 4 Corners monument, but guess what, it was CLOSED!  Aurgh!  We still fun, laughing with a couple of riders from South Carolina who took a picture of us with our camera…cool guys on a little trip of their own.  We proceeded to Cortez and ended up finding a Holiday Inn Express at the east end of town near the Wal-Mart.  Rae was excited as she loves Wal-Mart for some reason.  The service and staff were awesome!  We were off the road by 3pm and enjoyed a nice hot tub before heading over to Wal-Mart.  You had to know Rae would make me go!

We ended up in our room for the night after that, with the thought that we would catch up on our blog…well as soon as I logged onto the site there was a significant attack on our computer which sidetracked the entire plan.  What a bummer.  At least I got it fixed up, and tomorrow we are off to see the Mesa Verde ruins.  It should be interesting to say the least!



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