Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 25, 2010

The forecast calls for a Hurricane…May 22 or Day 34

Rae was up early again, already in the shower when I woke up.  I got up, opened the electric blind, the one wall of our studio condo apartment thing was windows covered by this electric blind, and enjoyed the view of a nice sunny Las Vegas.  I started to pack up right away, happy that we would soon be on the road again.  I was starting to get restless feet…tippity tap!   We got packed in record time, and I took some of the bags down and prepared the bikes for the trip while Rae waited for the Bellman to bring down the rest of our gear.

I was checking the bikes when Rae came down with our gear and I found that both bikes had some low tire pressures.  That meant that one of our first stops was going to be to fuel, pump up the tire pressures and eat.  I started the process of loading the bikes while Rae checked out of our room.  Our favorite Bellman, Spencer, dropped by while we were packing and said goodbye.  He was a really nice kid, even taking care of his Mom (who has MS) over the last couple of years.  It’s good to see that there are still young people out there with that kind of heart!

As we were pulling out, we rode down the Strip so I could take some pictures of Rae with the Vegas hotels.  After a fuel stop, some air in the tires and breakfast, we ended up northbound on the I-15.  It was windy but not too crowded.  Uneventful really, and the scenery nice, but not outstanding.  Lots of red rock type canyons and plateaus especially around St Georges, Utah.

We pulled into Hurricane, Utah, and decided to call it a day, because we were both tired.  Our home for the evening was the Rodeway Inn, which was clean, but not much else really.  It was a pretty quiet day!



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