Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 25, 2010

Off to the tower with them! May 21/22 or days 32/33

We got up early, showered, and packed up our gear, and booked into the Planet Hollywood Towers.  We returned to the PH hotel and got a very helpful Bellman who drove us and all our gear over to the tower in a Cadillac Escalade, once we booked out of the Planet Hollywood hotel.

Our new valet/bellman, Spencer, helped us out by pointing out another free place to park our bikes, so I promptly moved both to the new digs.  Spencer, was extremely helpful putting us in contact with a real estate agent who could show us around Las Vegas.  Unfortunately that agent was out of town but he suggested that we go out with his broker, David Green.  We thought that would be okay, and David eventually contacted us to arrange some viewings.  We set everything up for the next morning with David picking us up.

We were all set for our real estate excursion, so we headed back out to walk around more, and ended up gambling more and losing our allotted $20 in very short order.  No fun at all.  We returned to our room with the hope that tomorrow is better, and who knows might have a new home!!!  =D

When Friday hit, we were both excited to get out and see what Vegas real estate looks like.  Dave called to let us know he was going to be about 30 minutes late.  That should have been a sign, but hey, we were excited so the sign was ignored.  Mistake.

We met up with Dave and he seemed friendly enough upon first impression.  Rae had spoken to him the day before to outline what we were looking for and our budget.  As he’s driving away from our hotel, he tells us various stories about Vegas and himself.  I think both Rae and I thought we were going to our first viewing.  Nope.  As we near a shopping center, he tells us that he wants to somewhere to narrow down the houses he pulled to look at.  He told us that he wanted to go through them with us.  We both hoped that meant a coffee as we missed breakfast..but…no.  That meant that we pulled into the shopping center’s parking lot drove around for a bit, he was like a dog looking for a place to lie down, eventually stopped in the middle of nowhere and then watched as he went through a stack of printouts, pulling out all sorts and just firing pages all over the car – dashboard, floor, back seat – it was a very disorganized exercise.  During all of this, he continually stopped his shuffling to tell us random stories about his shoe buying experience, his Aunt who’s 100+ years, etc.

We were shocked and our good feeling was gone. But that was just the start.  He started to complain about GPS toting real estate agents, and then proceeds to drive around with the sheets in his hand looking more at them than the road, stopping in the middle of a freeway for NO reason, getting himself confused and turned around.  We finally found the first house and …Dave could not get the door open.  Rae found a way in by pulling up the garage door which got us in.  Dave eventually got the real estate key lock open after I pointed out how to do it – it wasn’t the usual lock box they use, but needless to say I was not impressed.

He took us to a second home, another nice neighbourhood, nice house, if a bit dated, but the driving to get there was just plain scary.  He almost drove into the path of some motorcycle riders which did not endear him to me.  We continued to a third place which was sketchy, with bullet casings out front.  Once we got inside, it was pretty clear that there had been someone who lived at this house with extreme anger problems.  Bedroom doors smashed in, holes in the walls, and even the ceiling.  It quickly became apparent that Dave was showing us vacant foreclosure properties which saved him from the need to make appointments.  With his stellar navigating abilities we completely missed seeing one property.  Rae commented later that it was interesting how I found some nice properties in our budget, but they were not presented by Dave.

Anyway, Dave came out of the last house he was showing us to find he had a missing hubcap, probably lost by the multiple dangerous U-Turns he had made…LOL  He then took us back to the Las Vegas strip when we noticed a Subway off the strip, and asked him to drop us off.  He said he could not stop there (?) and proceeded to drive another mile, at the very least to one of the strip hotels and stopped to drop us off there.  It was weird.  Honestly it left both Rae and I really disenchanted with the Las Vegas real estate market.

We walked back south along the strip, way past the last hotel to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.   We took a few pictures then walked to the Subway previously mentioned to have something to eat as we were both famished – we still hadn’t eaten!

We walked back through the Mandalay Bay, took the tram to Excalibur, then walked through New York, New York, stopping to play some slots.  We had a blast, winning, losing, winning and then losing, but most of all being entertained for about $2…nice.  Rae suggested a little coffee shop in the Miracle Mile, and as soon as we entered the mall there was Holly Madison (PlayBoy model, star of ‘The Girls Next Door’ and now staring in ‘Peepshow’ in Planet Hollywood) standing outside of the Sugar Factory with a bazillion people taking her picture.  It was mayhem!  I took some pictures of the people taking pictures.

We sauntered off, had a coffee and watched people for a bit, then returned to our room to rest our weary feet and plan where we were headed off to tomorrow.




  1. Ummm…breaking into houses….maybe a relapse of the lucky burglar????

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