Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 25, 2010

Hoodoo you do? May 23 or day 35

Up and packed and hungry!  We were supposed to have breakfast included with our room, but unfortunately it was cereal or donuts, so we walked across the street to the Subway.  The sign outside said it opened at 7 am, but the door and the startled clerk inside said to come back at 10.  Back to the room to kill some time until we could get some chow.

At 10 we were back at Subway for breakfast.  Their egg sandwiches are very good! When we were done we literally checked out just in time for the 11am deadline.  We rode off and came into Virgin, UT.  There was a little fort there, and we just had to stop.  There are a lot of jokes I could put in here…but…you know me, much too reserved!  LOL.

Not long after our stop at Virgin, we reached Zion National Park and picked up an annual pass for the both of us, which only cost 80 bucks, awesome!!!  Unfortunately to enter the scenic byway you had to ride a shuttle, which we were not about to do, so we rode the main route to Zion, it was pretty spectacular in and of itself!  There was even a mile long tunnel, lots of weird rock formations, and of course tourists.  Lots and lots of tourists.

We rode to a small town just north of the Bryce Turnoff and had a bite to eat at…you guessed it, Subway.  While there we decided to head up towards Bryce and see if we could find a place to stay for the night.  We were not disappointed as there was a gorgeous Best Western (sort of like an Alpine lodge) with a complete breakfast, hot tub, full internet.  Yeah, it was a bit pricey, but worth it for me.  Why?  The reason was quite simple.  About half way through our ride today, the wind picked up to hurricane levels, and both Rae and I were pooped out and sore.

We unpacked, got dressed in street clothes and took the complimentary shuttle into Bryce National Park…cool!  Our driver turned out to be a very funny old guy, who made us laugh the whole way, while keeping us well informed.  We got off at Bryce Point, took some pictures of the scenery – the hoodoos and canyon colors are just breathtaking – and walked along a hiking path that follows the edge of the Canyon, which has an edge that drops to about 4,000 feet below!

The wind kept blowing but the trees along the path provided decent shelter, and in no time we walked the 1.5 miles to the next Vista called Inspiration Point.  We had lots of fun along the way, playing and seeing snow…  It was pretty romantic actually, and I wish we could have stayed for a bit.  We walked to the bus stop and took the shuttle back to the hotel area, did a bit of shopping for munchies, and then HOT TUB time!  It was awesome just sitting there in the warm bubbling H2O, watching the steam rise around us (the tub was outdoors) and just enjoying each others company.  What an end to the night.  I did check the weather though as I noted that we were around 8500ft in elevation, not good if there was any precipitation….



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