Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 25, 2010

Did you say snow?? May 24 or day 36

Rae was up early, looked out the window and noticed immediately that it had snowed about 2 inches during the night…not good!  We decided that we couldn’t do anything about it, so we went back to sleep until about 8am.  We figured we better get up to catch the wonderful breakfast that the Best Western had included for us, it was really the best one we had at a hotel so far.

We packed up and then I headed out to the bikes to move them into packing position.  After cleaning off the snow I tried to start each bike and got a big surprise – they refused to start.  Yikes.  I moved them to the hotel entrance manually.  The day’s ride was not starting well.  I eventually got both bikes going, we packed them up and headed out in 2.5 degree Celcius weather.  It was cold, damp and I was worried we might get caught in a snow storm.

We headed east on highway 12, a wonderful ride, only marred by you guessed it, tourists in cars and motor homes.  At one point I made another turn off to take some pictures and Rae continued ahead.  Which seemed like a good thing at the time, or so I thought at the time.  I eventually caught up to her at Hanksville and made the turn northbound on 24, thinking she would be coming right behind me.  Duh, well I did not wait for her, so guess what happened?  I ended up a few miles up the road, and no Rae.  I stopped to wait for her, and after about 10 mins it was clear she had continued on for whatever reason.  I turned around, headed back to Hanksville, checked out the town to make sure she was not there, and then proceeded the only logical direction south on Highway 95.  I rode hard, really hard to try and make up time and talking on the communicator the whole way.  No luck and I missed a ton of superb scenery that filled mile after mile.  I checked every stop along the way, and no Rae.  I reached the east edge of Lake Powell when I heard Rae on the communicator and told her to stop, that she was ahead, this took several tries but she did stop.  It took me 12 more minutes of hard riding to catch up and found out that she was on one side of a giant 180 degree loop with canyon walls along each side.  The only reason I had been able to talk to Rae on the communicator is that we were at a point close to one another at the exit/entrance to the loop.  I was so relieved, and to be honest a bit pissed because at that point I thought she was messing with me.  She wasn’t, she had lost sight of me in Hanksville and when she couldn’t find me, took a guess at what road I took and set off at a record pace to try to catch up with me, thinking I was ahead of her.  No wonder I couldn’t catch up!  Poor thing, when I finally caught up with her she was crying as she was completely freaked out that she had gotten lost in the canyons of Utah.  We both missed so much scenery and had a bit of a fright, so I looked at the map to find us a place to stay as quick as possible.   Not to mention, we had been riding for about 5 hours at this point in cold weather.

Unfortunately we were not close to anything.  I found Blanding and put it into the GPS.  It took us another hour to get there, but we did find a room at the Comfort Inn which was clean and near a market.  Plus, it felt good to be together and off the road.  Poor Rae was still pretty upset, and rightly so as we came really close to us missing one another…not good.  Normally we make sure that we both know what our end point and general routes will be, but today our communication was just off.  Starting tomorrow we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again…ever.

We unpacked, had a luke warm ‘hot tub’, picked up some munchies, and settled into the room for the night, both really pooped out and sore.  Not a good day but at least the ending came out right!



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