Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 20, 2010

Travel to…Las Vegas…what? Day 28 or May 16

We got up before sunrise, tore down camp and started packing the bikes.  We were almost done when the sun started to crest over the east mountain range  It was amazing how fast it got hot as soon as that sun hit!  It was already 28 degrees at 0730 hrs in the morning…and that was before the sun even came over the mountain!

We headed out to ride the Extra Terrestrial Highway via the Beatty Road exit out of Death Valley, stopping to see the Rhyolite Ghost Town.  It was interesting with statues of ghosts, mining tools and a giant naked pink woman.  LOL – it’s true…and a bit weird.

We continued north to Tonopah, NV on the west edge of Area 51, and stopped for fuel and a bite to eat.  During our stop some BMW riders came in, a couple on a touring machine with trailer, and a ADV rider (Charlie) on a 2007 BMW GSA.  Charlie was from San Francisco and decided to ride with us for a while, which was pretty cool.

The roads were long and the scenery nice, but not the amazing sights we expected.  We did run across some giant dust devils and stopped to take some pictures.  There was literally no traffic, none, natta, zero…I can see why only aliens would like this road.  We carried on and eventually stopped at Rachel, Nevada (pop 99) to take a couple of pictures in front of the one lodging offered to tourists…the ‘Little A’Le’Inn’ – no kidding!  The pictures were fun, but we quickly decided that we would not be staying in Rachel as we had planned…it was just not for us!

By this point we had already rode about 350 km, and were anxious to get off the road and out of the heat.  No such luck as the distance between towns was huge and the services minimal.  The wind had really started to kick up, and was soon really quite incredible trying to blow us off the road!  There was literally no place to stay until we reached North Las Vegas.

We decided to stay near Nellis AFB.  Sure enough, we found a Best Western near the base just down the street from a big Wal-Mart.   We went for a quick dip in the outside pool to cool off, and cool off we did as that pool was super duper cold!  We ended our day with a meal of Wal-Mart groceries and a bottle of wine…excited that tomorrow we would be off to stay at Planet Hollywood hotel!



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