Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 14, 2010

Travel to Ridgecrest, CA…Day 25 or May 13

Holy crap, we both woke up pretty hung over from 3 bottles of wine last night…yup, it was fun, and we laughed a lot but we did pay for it once we woke up. We decided to walk over to Subway for some breakfast before clearing out of our room.  I must tell you that they have yummy egg sandwiches and java!

We returned to our room and packed up fairly quickly considering how hung over we both were.  We loaded up the luggage cart and then brought it all down to the bikes, no small feat considering how loaded it gets with our gear.  We really should have taken a picture as everyone comments on how much we carry.  So we loaded up our bikes, in the shade of the hotel as it was already 22 Degree Celsius!  It was our first really warm morning since we started the ride.  It was so wonderful, the sun, view and the anticipation of a great day of riding.

We fuelled and then headed east towards Angles Crest Highway to experience one of the world’s great motorcycling roads…and…it was closed!  LOL.  So I was really sad, and now we were so far out of our way trying to find a way to our destination, Ridgecrest.  Our maps did not help us much, and actually neither did the GPS as it demanded to take us to Ridgecrest via the Interstate and other major highways…yes, that sucked.  We rode Highway 14 past Palmdale, and Edwards Air Force Base (cool) and saw the planes used to transport people to Area 51!  We then took a slight short cut to get to highway 178 to Ridgecrest.  That was a rollercoaster of a road, literally up and down – dip after dip – and with a salt flat about 10 miles long to our right.  It was barren but scenic with little to no traffic, just what the doctor ordered after staying in the L.A. area!  We arrived in Ridgecrest and found a bed at the Comfort Inn for a reasonable rate.  Tomorrow we will be camping in Death Valley, but tonight…well…we needed to watch Survivor.  =oP  I am super stoked about our fist night of camping.  I know it will be pretty cool or should I say HOT!!!  LOL.

So tonight we relax, have another glass of wine then tomorrow off into Death Valley.  I’m guessing that we won’t have a WiFi connection, but we’ll update you as soon as we can!




  1. Hi guys….looks like you are enjoying life as it should be enjoyed. Just got back from 10 days in Mexico and prior to the trip got “t-boned” downtown which took the front off of 2900 mv.

    Will look forward to reading about your journey….Keep it on two wheels….Vic

    • Glad ya had fun in Mexico Vic, Hope your OK after your accident though!

  2. Enjoy the desert. If you go north after death valley, check out Benton hot springs. They have an inn or you can camp. It is north of Bishop on on hwy 6 about 50 miles. Then on 120 west. Each camp has it’s own natural pool. Glad you made it out of LA . Good on Ya!

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