Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 12, 2010

Travel day…Day 21 or May 9…traveling from Carmel to Big Sur and beyond

We got up fairly early and had a nice bite to eat as we listening to the people next to us gab about their issues, weight, and other stuff.  As we started to packed up our gear it started to rain, and then the rain got heavy.  Both Rae and I were pretty bummed, to say the least, and as soon as there was a little break we jumped upon that chance to make a break for it.  It was not long before we got caught on the road in the rain, hard, so we pulled over underneath a tree along side of the road until there was another lull.  We both decided that the ride should continue, and we did begin to out ride the rain.  As it turned out, there were opportunities for us to take some pictures of the Bixby Bridge, and Big Sur, as well as a couple of other vistas along the coast.  We continued to run into the rain here and there, and finally got far enough ahead that the roads were dry.  There was some slide areas, where the mountainside had given way, and construction necessitated a one lane road.

We found a turn off where there were hundreds of Sea Lions, HUGE things, smelly and fighting, and immensely interesting.  The rain threatened to put a bit of a damper on things and we had to leave or get rained upon.  The traffic just got worse and worse so we decided to take highway 46 out to 101, which was quite nice, if not a little windy.  The surprise of that detour was all of the wineries along the way – many were like castles than homes!

We stopped for a nice Subway lunch, fuelled and then went looking for a place to stay for the night.  Highway 101 passed by San Luis Osipos which had a Motel 6 – it was in a good location and so, we stopped.  The room was cheap and clean so we jumped at the chance to get off the bikes, and save a couple of bucks.  The area was good, we had a good shopping complex nearby and it was good to get off the bikes early.  Hopefully tomorrow yields more cool stuff!



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