Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 12, 2010

Los Angeles – Day 22-24 or May 10-12

We got up early, simply because we did not sleep well.  We had a look outside to see what the weather was like and much to our surprise there was a barefoot homeless dude, having a cigarette right beside our motorcycles.  Rae was all excited because she thought he was a hooker, since his hair was so long, I just shook my head,  LOL,  We loaded up the bikes and began our somewhat boring (for all of 10 minutes) trip to the L.A. area.

As we rode up 101, we were in the slow lane minding our own business when suddenly the trailer in front of us dropped a 2′ x 2′ piece of steel, which of course started to bounce and fly in several undetermined directions causing us to do the highway ballet to avoid said piece of flying guillotine.    What the heck??

We continued on , riding the coast and it was quite nice other than the wind.  Our communications system crapped out, which was a real bummer.  Rae rode well despite still being freaked out, which is pretty freaking amazing considering how just a short time ago she had a big get off…I am so very proud of her, she is one tough cookie.

We were able to see the oil rigs and islands off the coast near Santa Barbara, and it was just the right temp for a ride along the coast.  The sun made it all worthwhile.  We reached Simi Valley (one of the Safest Cities in the US) and found a hotel almost immediately.  We unloaded the bikes, had a quick shower and headed out to explore the area.  We had a Wal-Mart next door (Rae says: YAY!) and we picked up 2, yes that is 2 bottles of Merlot for,  get this, less than $2.00 per bottle…yippee…

We got back to our room, and ate our supper.  I then decided to try and look for oil for the bikes.  No such luck even after a late foray on Rae’s F800GS exploring the local area.  When I got back to the room it was time to experience the two dollar wine and heck it was actually pretty darn good, if not intoxicating!   I had a great time, chatting with Rae and chilling…what a day and night!

We woke up  May 11 from a really good nights sleep, which was sorely needed.  The bikes needed some TLC and an oil change, and I was actually excited about working on the bikes.

I rode Rae’s motorcycle to get some cash from B of A, and then some oil for my bike.  I had determined that Rae’s bike would get the remaining full synthetic Mobil 20W50 (which was about 4 litres) and I would change to normal motorcycle oil, a 20W50 Castrol oil.  I had no problem finding the oil, and cash despite not being from the area.  I was able to navigate my way around without much trouble.  I thoroughly enjoyed riding Rae’s bike, it was so much more fun than the GSA…it was like riding a sport-bike without all the horsepower.  I sure enjoyed that time, and her bike, thanks my liebling!   I got back to the hotel and asked the lovely clerk if I could use the parking lot to change the oil on both motorcycles.  She had no problem with it so I got all my tools together, did the oil changes and noticed that Rae’s bike was missing some key nuts holding the belly plate on…this could have lead to a disaster on the road.  I know everything happens for a reason, and I was happy to have a look at both machines with a critical eye.  I finished the oil changes, not that they were hard, but I ended up sore and burned – yup – the sun was shining bright in the ole parking lot!

After I had finished the oil changes and Rae had taken the dirty oil to the Wal-Mart next door (they dispose of old oil and tires), Rae and I then went on a nut hunting expedition at the local Home Depot.  Trying to find a metric nut in an imperial country is a bit challenging.  Yes it was an adventure in the Home Depot!  LOL.

I fixed her motorcycle which made me feel better, gave it another once over and then we decided to eat and have a hot tub…oh where did the day go.  No pictures for the day, but it was sure nice to have a complete day off…we ended it with a couple of bottles of $2.00 wine…yes life is good, and I am sharing it with my best friend!!!

May 12 dawned, and, WOW, I had another nights sleep that was pretty darn good.  Maybe I am starting the decompression process, which would sure be nice…  =D  We got up, got ready in a leisurely pace and prepped our gear for a day in L.A.  I sorted out the communications issue, and we could again talk to one another which is a blessing and a curse at the same time…yup.  We headed to L.A. at about 1015hrs, and the traffic was as thick as thieves.  We were not 20 mins into our ride when a car suddenly went out of control and off the road to our right and another car was trying to stop for something.  Rae moved away from the obvious mishap and so did I!  I noticed that there was a 3 foot piece of steel on the road and watched as the second car hit it, despite braking super hard, there was sparks, skidding, and general excitement…not good on a highway full of people speeding along at 70 miles an hour!  The car that struck the piece of debris ended up skidding off the road to our right and I was happy that we had dodged another highway bullet.  We made it to L.A. with only 2 other traffic jams due to accidents, which I guess from what we were told, was pretty good!

We found our way to the Kodak Theatre, parked our bikes after a little round the block action, and changed into our walking clothes.  We ventured out onto Hollywood Blvd.  Whomever wrote the song that says the freaks came out at night forgot Hollywood Blvd, cause there are some that come out during the day!  We walked the area, seeing the big old Hollywood sign, Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame, and various other touristy places.  A man can’t be sustained by just walking around and looking at stuff, so…we stopped at Hooters for a bit.  We had such a nice waitress.  I think her name was Trinity. I wanted to be polite, so I did glace at her name tag when she was at our table (Rae says: even I had to look at her name tag, good grief, it was right out there…).  We got a great table that faced the Chinese Theatre, which allowed us to watch all the people in the area…now THAT sure was fun!

After lunch, we walked further East to get a good shot of the Capitol Records building .  You’d think there would be more trees, as there sure are a lot of squirrels that inhabit the area!  One was even doing the meth head scream at the top of your lungs, scaring the tourists.  It was quite entertaining (Rae says: Ray must be decompressing because a month ago, we would have been on the same side of the street as that nut and he would have been yelling at Ray!).

Rae and I both found stars and things we loved, and had a really great time doing it.  If you get to L.A., you really need to spend a day in Hollywood.  We headed back to our parked bikes, loaded up and ventured out in to L.A. with a mission to see some interesting stuff.  I decided not to use the GPS and we ended up on the top of a ridgeline overlooking downtown L.A..  The view was partially obscured by smog, but an interesting view none the less.  The ride up was pretty cool, narrow roads and amazingly expensive homes.  We came back down into the valley onto Sunset Blvd, which thankfully was not too crowded.  We ended up in – guess where?  Beverly Hills.  I decided to take a turn and we ended up smack dab in the middle of Beverly Hills and then up onto Mulholland Dr.  We eventually reached Highway 405 and took it back to our Hotel without incident.

One shower later and we found ourselves in the hotel lounge enjoying the Managers Reception (Marriot Court Yard Simi Valley – priced fairly, excellent staff and a very nice propery) which was so much fun!  We spent easily an hour talking to the Sales Director who was genuinely interested in what we had to say as well as providing us with information useful for our trip…fun and worthwhile! (Rae says:  I hope she has an amazing time on her trip to Ireland and England!)  We did actually meet the General Manager, Pat Finan too, who was the hostess of the part.  Everyone we met at the Marriott, from the GM to this funny maintenance guy, we just excellent.

The reception was only about 1.5 hours and since both of us were hungry we popped over to Subway.  We were entertained by possibly the most entertaining Subway Crew EVER!  Gosh they made us laugh and made a pretty good Roasted Chicken Salad as well!  Back at our room we broke out the wine, and tried to catch up on the blog.  Well 3 bottles of $2 wine later…and well…the blog wasn’t updated, but we were feeling no pain at all!  LOL.  Of course, the next morning….




  1. Good to hear ur ballet skills haven’t gotten rusty.
    Glad u two are having a great time. Stay safe and remember Ray ur retired so FIDO…

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