Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 8, 2010

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA (Former Mayor: Clint Eastwood)…Day 19/20, or May 7/8

Our time in San Fran had come to an end and we needed to move on.  We got up, packed and walked down to the BMW dealer to pick up our bikes.  I won’t lie to you, I was completely freaked out to ride.  I know I rode a good long road of twisty corners  get to San Fran, but the thought of getting back on the bike had me nervous.  Too many days of not riding gave me too much time to think!  But, Ray told me that it would all be okay, and he was right.

We brought our bikes back to he hotel, loaded them up and were off.  We continued down the coast, headed South on Hwy 1.  The ride was non-eventful, but we did get pushed around by the wind quite a bit.  We ended up in Carmel-by-the-Sea which is the town that Clint Eastwood was mayor of from 1986-88.  Clint and his wife still have a ranch there and, I believe, still live there.  I can’t blame them, it’s so beautiful.

Once we booked into our room, and unloaded, we set off walking to see what’s around.   There are a number of art shops, various other boutiques and lots of winery tasting places (if only Shelia was here with me!).  We had lunch at the Platte Ristorante, which is a quaint little restaurant with old tables and chairs (it seems like someone’s house almost) and great saxophone music in the background.  AND…the food and service was excellent.

At the end of the day we walked along the sea coast, enjoying the surf and people.  We watched some guys surf for a bit, then made our way slowly back to our room.  I must tell you that you need to visit this town if you get a chance.  The people are very friendly, it’s clean and welcoming, and very beautiful.

Tomorrow we’re going to explore further and take pictures so you can see how interesting this place is.  You’ll see!


Saturday morning, we slept in until about 1100 hrs.  We popped over to the main area and had our breakfast then headed out to enjoy the day.  We ended up walking and walking, settling down for lunch at a very nice bistro called the Bistro Beaujolais.  Our waitress was saucy and our lunch tasty, making the whole thing good!  We continued on and found a wonderful art gallery with 40-60s genre, named ‘The Vanguard’ (  The art was amazing, and we had an awesome conversation with the owners/artist.  Both Rae and I love the pin up girl type picture and after seeing the original the artist was working on decided that we will be having them do a piece for us!

We continued to walk, and found a ‘Fine Paper and Writing Instruments’ store, yes that is right, a pen store – really its name was ‘Bittner’ (  Honestly, there was some very cool stuff and the absolutely most cool, unique, amazing journal I have ever seen – a leather clad, old style paper style book which was amazing.  The proprietor, ‘Bob’, was such an interesting fellow, and did a great job of showing us the variety of fountain pens…and in the end….did a good job in convincing Rae to buy a very unique fountain pen (oh she’s cheap when looking at stuff for herself!), and I convinced her to buy the journal – she loves to write long hand, and that journal was that cool.  We stayed and chatted for a while, and then carried on, somewhat lighter in the pocket.

We then went in search of a place to eat as our stomachs were really growling by that time.  We ended up at a place called Jack Londons, and it was awesome!  We had dinner, wine, and laughs, then to our amazement a nice gentlemen began to play the guitar and sing the blues…OMG it was simply the best!  We decided to head back to the room after awhile, to catch up on our blog and to drink another bottle of  ‘Cheap Red Wine’.  I am indeed a blessed person and I cannot help but think that Rae’s mom is watching out for us…tomorrow perhaps we will head out to Big Sur, hopefully Mother Nature will feel the same way!




  1. OMG … Rohne & I have decided you 2 are “freak magnets” – LOL LOL!!!
    Girl – I’m just PROUD of you!!! I know what it is like to “get back on the horse” (as I know I probably babbled on & on about when you were here) – but that is what one has has to do 🙂 …. but, doing that is exactly what make you YOU! Good job woman! But also – aaahhhh…..Ray is so sweet & will take care of you 🙂
    As for the wine….Oh hell yes I’de love to be there wine tasting w/ ya – LOL LOL!!!!
    You 2 take care, be safe, ride safe & keep us all posted. 🙂

  2. Hey Guys….you should check out the Food Network and look up the show “Diner’s, Drive-Ins & Dives” they have a bunch of amazing restaurant throughout America…..when we go to San Fran we are doing a Triple D eating fest!!!

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