Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 5, 2010

Point Reyes, CA … Day 15 or May 3

Today we woke up and walked over to breakfast.  The breakfast place doubles as a bar at night, and it was an interesting place, complete with fake plastic great white shark,  torn seat cushions (they desperately need duct tape) and other interesting bits that created the roadside dive atmosphere.  So we pulled out our complimentary card and the really cool waiter, an older Mexican fellow who was very, very funny, presented us with what we could order (our complimentary breakfast that comes with the room), and also a normal menu.  We both ordered coffee to start our day, and I stir in my sweetener, and coffee creamer, and I put the spoon in my mouth…big and I mean BIG mistake.  Immediately I knew something was amiss as there was a nice blob of old food stuck to the bottom of the spoon.  GAG!  Rae politely asked for clean utensils and we ordered some eggs and pancakes, ate and left.  We packed our bikes and were off down Hwy 1, headed South.  The sheer number of 180 degree corners, with no room for error, meant we could not take in the scenery the way we wanted – but it sure made the ride very interesting.  We have gotten into the routine of stopping and taking the pictures whenever the desire hits us.  At one stop, we hit Portuguese Beach which, and as it turns out, it is one of the most dangerous beaches in the US.  Apparently along this stretch of beach there are “sleeper waves” which will be so large that they will surprise you, pull you into the ocean, and then into the troughs that are just slightly off shore, drowning you in short order.  So I had to take pictures of the signs, the beach and the view of the rocks off the nearby cliffs.  Rae saw one fellow walking right out to the shoreline, within easy reach of the ocean with his one, perhaps two year old daughter in his arms.  Not a smart man (Rae says: Idiot).  We continued on and the road continued to twist and turn.  By the time we reached Point Reyes Station we were both spent.  We drove around the area following directions of the Garmin to supposed hotels and such, none of which seemed to exist.  Finally we were rewarded with the Point Reyes Seaside Lodge, which was pretty pricey but to be honest, I was so tired and sore, it did not matter, and Rae felt exactly the same way.  Our room was quite amazing with a view of an immaculately manicured lawn and garden area with access to the nearby park.  We had to go check it out, crossing a 2X4 bridge, that bent into the little creek with our weight.  Once on the other side I had startled a deer, which scared the crap out of me.  I think it saw me when I saw it, and we both did the same thing – panic!  LOL.  I think mine was more out of self preservation, still left over from my last encounter with a deer.  From there we wandered over to the little pub/bistro next door for dinner.  After we just returned to our room, and although there was no TV, we did not seem to miss it.  It ended up being an early night since we were both pretty tired from the riding.  All in all a pretty good day, life is good!


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