Posted by: mckenzie68 | May 3, 2010

Eureka, California – Day 12 and 13 (April 30 and May 1)

We got up fairly early from our rat-bag hotel, loaded the bikes and left, happy in the knowledge that we left the flea bag inn without taking the fleas with us!  The weather was a nice 12 degrees Celsius and sunny.  The scenery as we left Crescent City headed towards Eureka, was pretty stunning, but the highway was mostly inland with only a couple of clear stretches along the coast.  We soon came across the “Trees of Mystery” (to be read with a Boris Karloff voice) with Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox out front and living large – literally!  The statues had to be at least 50 feet tall!  Only a couple of miles down the road was the Drive through tree.  We of course had some old guy literally pull in right behind us driving an SUV with all the skill of a trained monkey. We let him go ahead..which in hindsight may not have been the best idea.  We then paid the admission and headed up to see the tree.  The road was very narrow with a seriously steep uphill, 180 degree blind corner, and as soon as we reached it…that old guy was reversing – right at me!  He had tried to go through the tree the wrong way!  I straightened my handlebars and stopped on the slope, lucky not to drop my bike.  I looked back and saw poor Rae literally tumbling down the hill. (Rae says: I came around the corner, saw Ray stopped and hit the brakes,..then promptly fell over!  CRAP!).  I jumped off my bike as she was getting up.  The bike was just fine, the crash bars did what they were supposed to do and there was no damage other than a very minor scrape to the right saddlebag.  The wacky part was the guy quickly drove away (had to go around my bike and drive off the paved roadway to leave)…I mean, don’t stop to help pick up the bike, ask if everyone is okay or anything (Rae says:  Good thing he left, I might have smacked him with my helmet had I gotten a clean shot.  I was pretty mad that I fell…it was muddy.  Who reverses in a super tight blind corner?  Oh wait…old guys from Maryland.  LOL).  We continued on to Eureka where we found a place to stay, Best Western Humboldt Bay, a very nice facility.  We had a quick hot tub and then went out for a walk.  We walked to the downtown area and I saw some weird guy with a long black leather coat, and he was packing a handgun in his waist band…scary.  We stopped at the Lost Coast Brewery and Pub, the local micro-brewery, which was very cool (Rae says: AWESOME!), having a giant spider type thing drop from the ceiling when you open the door to enter!  We ended up having our supper in our room that night – which was really quite fun and an early night.

We got up a bit later on Saturday (around 9 or so) since we were going to have a lazy day of riding the Lost Coast Trail and Avenue of the Giants.  Heh heh heh…yeah right!  Big mistake.  The road was absolutely in terrible shape pretty much everywhere, but I guess that is why we got the dual sport motorcycles and yes it was an adventure!  It was very challenging at times with 180 degree corners that were also almost vertical, which made keeping the motorcycles upright a huge challenge, but we did not have any mishaps!  The scenery was outstanding, typical of the coast so far, and the drops were straight down (Rae says: there should have been t-shirts for completing that ride.  It was NUTS.  I’ll take a woman’s large).    Once we reached Humboldt Redwoods State Park the roads improved and then we entered a huge grove of giant redwood trees – it was awesome.  The pictures do not do them justice, and the further we rode the larger the trees became, an amazing ride!  We continued to Avenue of the Giants to see more giant redwoods and we were not disappointed, as the entire stretch (at least 25 miles) had grove after grove of giant redwoods.  It was awe-inspiring that God had spared these trees so we could enjoy them in their full majesty…impressive.  About midway through the ride a Harley rider on a trike decided he wanted to ride with us.  When we eventually pulled over at the end, he stopped to talk to us.  He was a friendly guy, talked about the custom stuff to the trike, but he was a bit eccentric.   We began the return journey very sore from being pummeled on the Lost Coast, and both of us were happy just to take Hwy 101 back to Eureka.  Just as we started back, the clouds and wind began to pick up.  It was like a strong wind with a heavy mist.  Rae was very low on fuel, and reminded me repeatedly as the kilometers counted down to zero gas.  As we reached Eureka Rae was freaking out that she had 3, 2, 1, 0 kilometers left in her tank.  We could have pushed the bike back to the hotel from where we were (Ray says: maybe…but it wouldn’t have been her pushing!).  We did make it to the Chevron gas station with Rae at zero gas…crisis averted.  It was a challenging day of riding so we decided to go back to the Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe for supper.  The rain/mist had stopped, so it was a pleasant walk. What a mixture of people, laughter, and ambiance.  We had a 10 beer sampler which was AWESOME!  The food was good and our service exceptional, we even got entertained by a drunk gal who was so nutty that she heckled a little 5-year-old who was there with his parents to eat.  Apparently, Rae was talking to the people at the bar when I went to the washroom, she lives near by, but no one wanted to take here home.  Yeah, she was a real prize!  LOL.  Oh, it was a good day!




  1. Haha! Awesome, you got your “drive through three” picture!

  2. Thanks for dropping by the Lost Coast Brewery. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves.

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