Posted by: mckenzie68 | April 30, 2010

The clouds have parted…and the angels sing aaaaaa! Day 11

As we got up this morning, we hopped out of bed and to the window with hope in our hearts.  We ripped open the curtains…and….rain.  Hurmph.  That was a let down of a morning.  But!  We had a hot breakfast a bit of coffee and saddled up the metal horses.  We met a nice older man who was a veteran.  He chatted with us for a few minutes, told us a joke from when he was working in Canada (no I’m not sharing it … but it was funny!) then he wished us well and we were on our way.  We continued down US-101 towards California.  The rain continued to fall, as did the temperature.  Just as we thought the rain would never stop, the clouds started to part over the ocean, then finally inland…and we caught up with it…just as we crossed the California border. Yay California!  We stopped in a few places to get some stellar pictures of the Ocean – check them out below – and landed in Crescent City, CA.  It’s not a town that’s bursting with personality, but the people seem nice.  We had a great meal at a local, family owned and operated place called The Good Harvest Cafe.  It had great music and atmosphere.  We highly recommend it.  Tomorrow we’ll be headed to see the great Redwoods…hopefully with the sun!




  1. The passion in your eyes makes me feel the way i should feel. love you Dad

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