Posted by: mckenzie68 | April 29, 2010

Day 10

Rain.  Rain.  More Rain.  The weather man said today was a 70% chance of rain.  Idiot.

We rode further down the coast, stopping nowhere since the rain was non-stop.  Ok, that’s not true.  We stopped for lunch at the Subway in Reedsport, OR and were served by one wild grandma (I’m guessing she was in her 60’s).  She kept us in line!  I loved her!  We also got fuel at the local Chevron, where we were served by a guy named Tim.  This dude was freaky.  I swear that he looked like he had just gotten out of prison but man was he excited about our bikes.  He even went and got his two buddies (equally freaky) to show them.  His one friend with huge neck tats told me about his experience with his Ninja 650 and dirt bike flipping when he jammed on the throttle.  It was an interesting story, from an interesting guy.  It does go to show that you can’t just a book by its cover.  The people that we’ve met in Oregon have all been really nice, and quite colorful!

Tonight we are staying in Coos Bay, which is a lumber town.  Or I should say was a lumber town.  It seems that most of the mills have shut down.  There are lots of bits around telling about the history, which of course, Ray and I love to check out.  Due to the rain, we really didn’t check out much more than that, but I hear that the ‘Blue Heron’ is an excellent place to have an inexpensive good mean and beverage.  We’ll be checking that out next time for sure!


Koos No 2 - tug boat used in the lumber trade (retired in 1987).Interesting carved wooden memorial in Coos Bay, ORTrain used in the moving of lumber in the 'olden days'.  =o)



  1. Well it looks like you two are having a great time! I hope the weather gets better for you as well. Ray, I hear Thunder Ranch is in southern Oregon these days…..Take Care and Be Safe!

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