Posted by: mckenzie68 | April 28, 2010

Webbed Toes…days 8 and 9

Monday came just too quickly, and once we were both up, we slowly gathered our gear, packed the bikes, made sure that everything was in order as we left our friends house – sad that we would not be seeing them for a while.  We rode out of Battle Ground, Washington and headed north on the interstate 5 to Longview where we crossed the Columbia River.  The weather was pretty nice around 12 degrees Celsius and we took the route west to secondary road 47 which wound nicely southwest towards the coast.  We stopped and took a picture of Mount St Helens from the top of a ridge line along 47.  It was like the last moment for pictures as the skies literally opened up in monsoon like rain.  We toughed it out for a bit, but eventually had to give in (we were soaked to the bone!) and eventually found a nice little motel in Rockaway Beach, OR, called the Silver Sands Resort.  The owner, Mike, was awesome and took pity on us and offered to pick up supper for us so we wouldn’t have to go back out.  The motel was clean and right on the beach (literally) which made for a very very nice night with an awesome sleep.

Tuesday dawned and as we got up, the sun was shining through the clouds.  We took our time getting up and getting ready, and by the time 1100 hrs rolled by, we were on the road.  It looked like we were going to have a perfect riding day until… we reached  the Cape Mears Scenic Byway.  The skies again opened up and the rain started again.  Not to have our sight seeing completely thwarted, we stopped at a place that had an old light house and an amazing 250-300 year old tree called the ‘Octopus Tree’.  The clouds parted for the briefest moment and we got some great pictures.  I’m sure the rest of the people there thought we were nuts (judging by the looks on their faces), but it was worth it…and the rain was heavy but there was almost no wind, so it seemed much better than the day before.  As we looked out over the ocean and considered the amount of rain clouds coming ashore we decided to just ride, putting aside the idea of additional sight seeing stops.  We did make one stop in  Lincoln City at the Tager Outlet Mall.  We hadn’t yet eaten and so decided to make a pit stop to ‘fuel’ at this little Japanese cuisine restaurant that was there.  The service was amazing and the food portions were just huge, way too much for a person to eat in one sitting, so we packed up the remains in a container and put it on the back of Rae’s bike. We knew we had to get moving as the day was getting long in the tooth and we still needed some place to land.  Just as we were gearing up to leave, this older couple pulled into the parking spot next to us.  The woman jumped out of her seat and headed straight for Rae.  She promptly told her that it was her 73rd birthday.  Rae congratulated her, upon which the woman (I wish we would have gotten her name) told Rae that only the good die young, which must mean that she’s an obstinate b*tch! I kid you not!!  LOL.  I said she seemed very nice and she offered to kick me in the shin to prove her point – I declined.  The conversation went on for a few more minutes with her husband joining in at the end.  I can only hope that Rae and I are so lively when we hit 73.  She was a real pistol!  After that kooky conversation, we headed out.  We rode for a bit more, but the constant on again/off again rains took the fun out of the afternoon.  We ended up at a nice little motel called Deanes Ocean Front Lodge in Yachats, OR.  The rooms have recently been redone (the owners are new – I believe they bought the place in November) and our room is very Cape Cod with a stellar view of the ocean.  We ended the day by unpacking the bikes, walking the windswept beach with their sandy cliffs, a supper of left overs and drying our soaked gear.  It was a challenging day.  Even now, as I sit and write this, the rain is coming down in sheets…they say tomorrow is a 70% chance of rain…this sure is an adventure, but I hope I don’t have webbed toes by the end!  LOL.



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