Posted by: mckenzie68 | April 21, 2010

On the Road Day #2

Day 2 has been energizing and wonderful for us both!  We left Lethbridge with sunny skies and 6 degrees celsius and ended up in Libby, Montana at 30 degrees celsius!  We followed the Crowsnest Pass (Highway #3) west to Fernie and then south to the Roosville border crossing.  We got held up at the border for a secondary check because they had lots of questions regarding our hobo status!  They were nice, and we needed to use their bathroom anyways so it all worked out in the end – so to speak.  We headed south to Lake Koocanusa and paused on the bridge to take some pictures.  The water was an amazing turquoise color, and there was little to no traffic to contend with, so a very peaceful drive!  We then took Highway 508 into the Kootenai National Forest, but ran into snow and ice about 15 km into the ride as the road increased in altitude.  It was some challenging riding, and in the end we had to turn around, since without spikes in our tires there was no way around the ice.  We returned to Lake Koocanusa and travelled south on the sweeping east side of the reservoir.  Rae and I were riding like two fighter pilots in close formation, and it was an exhilarating yet calming ride as there was not another vehicle on the road for the entire length of the lake (56 miles).  I have never ridden such a deserted yet entertaining stretch of road.  Rae has developed a very stylish riding style through the corners…she rides slightly leaned off the seat with her elbows out and head level, totally cool look and she has improved immensely!  As we were both tired and hot we decided to stay the night in Libby taking in the sights and sounds of small town USA.  We even went shopping and discovered that on average we are paying 40-50% more at home, than here, for the same products, even though our dollar is close to par with the US greenback.  I have to admit the $8.00 bottle of wine we just consumed was pretty darn good, and set the tone for a wonderful end to our day…I sure am looking forward to the rest of this adventure!!!


Rae here…Ray forgot to mention it’s Chong is running our motel here in Libby.  He’s one relaxed dude.


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