Posted by: mckenzie68 | April 20, 2010

On the road…Day 1

Well, after a crazy few days of loading the moving truck, the final cleaning of our house in Okotoks and the drive and unload of our stuff into our home in Saskatoon, Ray finally had a chance to do a final prep for the bikes for our trip.  It must be said, first, before I go on, that a HUGE thanks must be sent to my brother Kim, my sister-in-law Myrna and Ray’s son, Ray’m for the fantastic help that they gave us.  I don’t know how we could have gotten it all done without them!

So today was our first day on the road (April 19) and, those of you who know Ray, know we had to kick it off with a bang!  Today we road just over 650 km!  On the road from Saskatoon, we enjoyed 20-23 degree temps, saw more antelope than we’ve seen in the last 5 years and had the sun shining the entire way.   For my (Rae) first ride of the season…I think it was a doozy!  Right now Ray is downstairs tinkering with the bikes.  You had to know he would!  LOL.  I made the mistake of jumping off my bike with my headset still connected and pulled the silly base off.

Otherwise, we did get the opportunity to meet some real punks (I don’t mean the kind that like radical music…no I mean the kind that need to be taken out behind the barn and straightened out) just after we changed out of our bike gear.  One decided it would be fun to spit from his truck onto Ray’s bike.  Sadly for him, I was watching from a vantage point that he didn’t know.  Well!  I told Ray and he was out there like a German Shepard on the trail of a cat!  You really should have seen it.  I was chasing him out there…because now that he’s a civvy, I’m his back-up….and by the time I got there the guys were fleeing.  It was hysterical!  Needless to say we moved the bikes to a more public and well watched location.  A great day – and tomorrow, we’re headed into the USA.





  1. Congrats for taking the first step of what should prove to be a wonderful journey.

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